wtorek, 2 lutego 2016

Things you have to know before you go to the States

Hi guys! I decided to write a post about tricky things concerning the English language and some aspects of the culture you just have to know! This post is aimed especially at Poles as the following are some common differences between English and Polish. Let me know if you find it useful and if you want to read more posts like this one!

  1. Always use ‘please’ at the end of every request you make!

I know, I started with something so obvious but as it turns out we often forget about that. We tend to use the imperative, which is incredibly rude! Pay attention to how Americans form their requests, even if they concern your duties at work. If you don’t do this the same way, they will find you impolite. So, could you read the rest of the post, please? Would you be so kind to leave a comment, please? :)

   2. “How are you? ” Is not a question!

By answering this question honestly when you’re not at your best you may actually get Americans stunned! “I’m fine” is not the only answer to this though! You can also respond with “good”, “splendid”, “peachy” or “never better” ;) (sarcastic attempt, let me know if I succeeded!). Also, remember that the full answer is “Fine, thank you, and you?” and when you greet someone, just “Hi” is not enough, it is to be followed by “how are you” at all times.

    3. “Watching movies” doesn’t mean watching movies

Girls, beware! Usually when a guy wants to watch a movie alone with you, he just wants to get laid. Not being aware of this fact may lead to an awkward misunderstanding. It is kind of a secret code, everyone knows it but few will admit it

Let me know if you liked this post and if you want more! Also, maybe you know more interesting differences between the English and the Polish language/culture or you have some experience with the ones discussed above? Feel free to comment! Best regards!

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  1. aaa to dlatego jak zaprosiłem koleżankę na film, mówiąc 'watching movies' wyszła po filmie taka niezadowolona... pewnie liczyła na coś więcej, biedna :P

  2. Great post Klaudia! I like it!

  3. Świetny post i bardzo pomocne wskazówki. Przychodzi Ci coś jeszcze na myśl tego typu? Osobiście chętnie przeczytałabym jeszcze posty tego typu. :)

  4. more, please!!!

  5. Więcej, please!


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